River Girl Designs

Labeled as the “creative child” growing up, I have always been making something. Some of my earliest memories are from spending time with my grandmother who allowed me the freedom to create whatever I could out of items found around the house. Never afraid to try new things, my home storage area is full of supplies from crafting projects and media left behind.

All that changed in about 2003, when I began going to jewelry shows with my mother and sister in support of their business “Silver N Stuff.” My creative gene started working over time and I began to experiment with semi-precious beads and sterling silver to create a variety of jewelry items from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. The creative expression allowed through putting together components in silver, turquoise, coral and other natural stones pushed me further into the exploration of jewelry as art.

In my quest to find just the right components to include with my creations, I began searching for ways to create my own unique pendants, beads and components. This led me to discover PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and begin working with it to create a variety of pendants and beads, which I have begun to incorporate into my jewelry. In my quest to be in control of the entire process, I have expanded my explorations to include lampworking and fused glass. And now, as I continue to refine my work, I am also working in more traditional metalsmithing techniques and combining these techniques to create unique pieces of wearable artwork.

Influences on my work include traditional metalsmithing techniques and patterns found in historical Native American desgn as well as the colors, shapes, textures and forms of nature. I also am constantly looking to include recycled components in my projects through especially use of “up-cycled” glass. No two pieces that I have created are exactly alike and that originality is part of what keeps me interested in exploring the jewelry arts.

When not working with glass and metal, my other creative endeavors include working as a freelance writer, published in various local and regional magazines and newspapers as well as with youth soccer programs as a USSF Certified Referee, Assessor, State Instructor and Assignor.

With the launch of my website, I am excited to share my work and am looking forward to continued explorations in art and design. Creating beautiful and unique jewelry as art that others can wear and enjoy is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I do. I hope that you can find enjoyment in my work as well.

Deanna Duncan-Allen

Deanna Duncan-Allen is an artist working in glass, metals and recycled materials to create jewelry and functional items as well as a freelance writer / photographer.

Throughout her career, Deanna has been published as a writer and photographer in a variety of magazines and newspapers throughout the Rocky Mountain region including the Arvada Sentinel, Focus on Denver, Cherry Creek Locale, Fort Lupton Press, Broomfield Enterprise, Rocky Mountain Sports and Fitness, Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention and most recently, Women’s Edition magazine. She has worked in public relations and marketing specializing in assisting small businesses tell their stories through traditional and digital media. She is the former editor and publisher of Cherry Creek Focus newspaper.

Extremely active in the Colorado soccer community, Deanna is a USSF certified assignor, state instructor, assessor and referee, and continues to help develop and deliver educational program materials to new and recertifying referees throughout Colorado. To learn more about her work in the soccer community, please visit www.SoccerColorado.net

Certifications and Education: BA Journalism, Metropolitan State College of Denver; PMCC Level I and Level II Certification; USSF Youth Module Coaching Certification; USSF “E” License; NSCAA Regional Diploma; USSF Grade 06 (State) Instructor, USSF Grade 09 Assessor; USSF Grade 08 Assignor; USSF Grade 08 Referee.